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Construction Services

Building Plan

Do you need architectural design for your dream house, just let Amadaa company know your building plans for single storey, one and half storey, storey building etc. and they will be done in no time at the lowest price ever. Just contact us with the details, we also have lots of designs to choose from.



We standout when it comes with construction because with us, you buy your product we do the job..

This is how it works; 

1. Each level is estimated with the best affordable price and no extra or hidden  fees or charges.
2. Levels of constructions are inspected by Amadaa officials  and communicated to you directly.
3. You can also appoint a trusted individual to follow development of your project closely.
4. Photos and other details of each level of construction are provided with or without request.
5. Over estimate of prices are refunded without obligation.

Do business with us and you will be glad you did.

Land Acquisition

We help our clients to acquire lands in Accra and Kumasi , devoid of any litigation. You can trust us to help you achieve your dream house from the very first stage of acquiring the land to the completion state.

Selling properties

We also help clients sell both their uncompleted and completed houses. So if you have an uncompleted building or a house to sell do contact us today. We help you carry the burden of finding a suitable buyer for your property.

contact us for your Longspan Roofing.

We offer quality with affordable estimate.